The 5 Internet Habits of Highly (Un)Motivated SAHMs

Fully Caffeinated Canadian Mom

You’re a stay at home Mom? What do you do all day?
Oh not much really. Raising kids, cleaning, doing laundry that never gets done.
Sometimes though, for my own amusement I go on the internet. (Sometimes. Lol! I’m killing myself here!)

You can find me…

Booking Front Row Seats to Facebook Fights:  Nothing breaks up the day like a good old fashioned Facebook fight (that doesn’t involve me). I know I should be appalled that people I know are airing their dirty laundry on the internet like a smiling Mom in a Tide commercial. I just can’t. I’ll pop a bottle of wine and refresh that page 100 times if it means I get to be privy to some fighting that doesn’t involve trying to wrangle socks on a toddler. There’s a lot of monotony that comes with being home all day so pass the popcorn, Aunt Sally…

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