technology ethics


Situation 1

6th grade teacher Ms. Olson posted pics of last summer’s camping trip with her husband to Flickr. In one of the photos, it looks like she is holding a marijuana cigarette. One of her students finds the picture and starts passing it around.

  1. Ms. Olson should not post the privacy pictures on internet.
  2. Students should not passing around Ms.Olson’s pictures without her permission.

Situation 2

HHH  Middle school students are using Google Docs for writing, but Juan and Philip have started using it for name-calling and racial slurs. Philip’s parents object when his account is suspended for two weeks, thinking it will hinder his schooling.

  1. Philip should apologized to his school and ask to school to turn back his account for his school work.
  2. School should turn back Philip’s account after he apologize to school.
  3. Philip should stop the name-calling .

Situation 3

After hearing a presentation at…

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