Social Media: Time Gentlemen Please!

The Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller

With the news that Stephen Fry has been hounded off Instagram got me thinking about the main stream social media web sites like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter that there time has come, hence Time Please Gentlemen.

One comment Stephen Fry did say about Twitter, which can be said about all social media, is the fact that there was too much “too much aggression and unkindness” there. This sadly is very true and it is a sad reflection of what the Western World and those who use Social Media have become is very detached to the world and people around them.

It has been one reason why now I have no Facebook or any other mainstream social media accounts other than an impersonal Twitter account which purely exists to promote my blogging rather than be a personal Twitter account. All so I can keep these mainstream social media web sites…

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