Pornhub not the First Billboard ad in Times Square New York, But it Certainly Signals a Change in Values

Carefully Choosing Words

I saw this on 9Gag and it could be photo shopped. But if it’s not, then it certainly brings forth into mainstream what has been considered the underground of the internet. The Deepweb has turned over a little bit with permission to openly advertise porn websites in downtown New York:


Here is an older time frame in New York when they openly advertised the sex trade:


If you remember, New York had a lot of problems with sex, drugs, gambling and such through the middle 1900s. But we are certainly looking at different times, with the internet emerging. An ad in Times Square is not only seen by passersby in New York anymore, but the whole world can have easy and open access to the advertisement.

Many people already know about Pornhub. It has gotten so popular that people have given more permission to its open use. Even some celebrity…

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