On Satanism, and Satanism relating to covens.

The Daily Satanist

I was asked by someone to email them a brief take on what Satanism is. This person claimed they were part of a Satanist coven.

I just poured my thoughts on no particular order. So here is my answer (that I emailed them):

I would say that I find the notions of Satanism and a coven to be incompatible. Satanism is the way of the individual; the path of self fulfillment and independence. Defining Satanism is futile, as every Satanist is different.

But I guess that most Satanists can agree to certain generalities. Some Satanists are atheist, some are theists. Some of the theists believe in Satan alone, others in a plethora of many Gods and Demons. 

Some see Satan as a symbol of individuality, of rebellion, of questioning everything. Some view Satan as a force of nature, the duality and the constant movement that balance is. Some see it…

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