Life hacks. Separating fact from crap

Skeletons Clawing At The Door

Life hacks could save a lot of time, money and so on. But some of these things just get carried away. So, I’ve done some research, even experimented with some, and here are some of my findings.

1) Boil eggs with vinegar. They’ll peel much easier.
Sure. If you want your hardboiled eggs to taste like vinegar also.

2) Want some ice cream, but can’t get that pesky spoon in? Microwave it off course! But only for 5 seconds.
On second thought… Metal and microwaves don’t seem like they are compatible. That’s because they aren’t. Don’t do this.

3) Need to listen to music while out for a jog? plays music based on your pace.

4) Fix scratched dvds by rubbing a peeled banana, then buff it out with the outside of the peel.
IF this even works, it’s only a temporary fix.

5) Tired of waiting on hold?…

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