I have been what I like to call “double-crossing”, meaning thinking that I can serve God diligently for a period of time, then suddenly one day decide, “Lord, I know everything in my life has been going great. My spirit is stronger than ever and I feel your mighty presence right here at this moment advising me not to go inside…but I’m going to go ahead and go inside that house over yonder. I’m going to temporarily turn off my ears, and my heart and go in. I know full well that house belongs to the Enemy..but I’m going to go in anyways, and when I’m done gallivanting around, don’t worry I’ll coming crying back asking you for forgiveness and mercy.”

That’s what you call “double-crossing”. And I am guilty as charged. Whether its consciously or subconsciously done, intentional or unintentional, the fact remains I’ve been a double crosser.

God’s Word the Bible tells us he despises those who are…

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