Cost of Canada’s mission against ISIS ‘classified’ in coming budget: DND

Global News

OTTAWA – Parliament may have approved a year-long extension to the country’s combat mission in Iraq and Syria, but the Harper government is once again refusing to say how much it will cost taxpayers.

Nor will it reveal the estimated pricetag for upcoming involvement in NATO’s reassurance operations in eastern Europe.

Late Tuesday, the federal Treasury Board tabled its reports on plans and priorities for the coming fiscal year, which is a rough guidebook to upcoming departmental spending.

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The costs of Operation Impact and Operation Reassurance are classified, according to National Defence.

Dave Perry of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute says he’s astonished.

He says it is the first, and only, time since this form of Parliamentary reporting was created in 1996-97 that a cost estimate for an international operation was withheld because that information was deemed…

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