Borscht not Bombs

gareth brandt

Political Rant #C-51
I am deeply disappointed by the Harper Government’s [Notice I said, “Harper Government” and not “Canadian Government.” Our prime minister is under the delusion that he represents the opinion of most people in this country even though he only garnered 40% of the popular vote in the last election and he has no way of claiming the majority mood on this particular issue. This is the problem with our electoral system which is another subject. It seems the only way we can defeat the present autocratic leader and have a decent prime minister with a working government by the people and for the people is if the Liberals, NDP, and Greens will form a coalition after the next election and make Elizabeth May the prime minister. I’m not holding my breath.] latest “terrorism legislation” put into law yesterday.

The reduction of people’s freedom to communicate without intervention…

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