April fools’ day pranks around the world 2015!! Most of them were inspired by selfie craze this year



So when it comes to APRIL FOOLS’ DAY Japan went bit different!! Burger king’s local branch sold Flame-Grilled Fragrance costs ¥5,000,($42)on 1st April. The smell is beef mixed with mayonnaise, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and with in a hint of fries smell. The perfume is called “Flame Grilled. Though I am quite skeptical about fragrance or distinct order. It turns out the biggest April Fools are the ones falling for things that are actually real. Kuddos to Burger king!!

picture via:perezhilton.com

DOG ON STICK: If  you think only you can take selfies and post them on social media, get hundreds of like!! Well on this April fool’s day  unleashed by petco introduced DOG ON STICK!! No its not what you think it is. It is selfie  stick for dogs and cats.

Introducing the revolutionary selfie stick for pets



Phil Zozra, Director of the Domino’s Pizza Redevelopment and New Knowledge division…

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