Agribusiness giant tells suppliers to stop cutting down forests


Today, the state of New York announced that, after negotiations with the global agribusiness conglomerate Archer Daniels Midland, ADM will adopt a no-deforestation policy for soy and palm oil.

This is really freaking good news, and it comes at a critical time. There is some evidence that, after years of progress, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is increasing again. Meanwhile, people have been cutting down the forests just outside the Brazilian Amazon — in Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, and in Brazil’s Cerrado region — where there has been less pressure to stop. The move from ADM will provide a clear warning to farmers who are considering the costs and benefits of clearing more land.

ADM laid out a specific set of commitments and a plan for implementation. This announcement is the latest in a cascade of no-deforestation commitments set off when Wilmar, the largest palm-oil company, pledged to stop buying from suppliers who cut down…

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