Women of ISIS


When most people think of terrorist groups, they commonly think of men. Perhaps this is because our one true understanding of terrorism is 9/11, where all of the members of Al-Qaeda were men. Conversely, ISIS has proven to us that they are not sexist; 70 women recently left Germany to join the Islamic terrorist group.

Source: http://bit.ly/1Ct16r3

An article from Rt.com explains, “While the recruitment of young girls and women by the Islamic State is not a rare phenomenon, Maassen warned that jihadists have lately focused on luring females to join the ‘caliphate’ via social networks.” Through blogging, the ISIS militants are convincing girls to marry jihadists by their use of romantic diction and inspiring phrasing.

40 percent of the 70 women who fled Germany are under the age of 25, which sensibly aligns with the notion that these women are falling for the false promises ISIS is making about…

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