Winning back the Internet; Countering #ISIS Online.


When we discuss ISIS in Western media we often point to its substantive propaganda-machine that’s using the internet in a very effective way. Especially on Social Media (SM), where accounts are being created for the sole reason of promoting ISIS and it’s so called Khilafah. While it seemed as if the ISIS propaganda-machine was unstoppable, people are taking initiatives to counter its online extremist message.

Although some doubt ISIS’ true power on SM, the rate of exposure the group generates cannot be denied. A recently published study shows that between September through December 2014 more than 45,000 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts were used. It is estimated that by now the numbers reach as much as 70,000.  These accounts are spreading a vast amount of extremist propaganda. This varies from gruesome footage of atrocities committed in Syria and Iraq to romanticizing life under the banner of ISIS. ‘Come to Khilafah’ is its…

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