Why preparing for ISIS is important


Terrorism is a frightening issue that affects all American citizens, even if not directly. The fear of knowing that your country is under attack is very unsettling, especially for people who perhaps live or work in a potentially threatening area (such as New York City, or other large, commonly targeted cities). The United States must learn from the past, and take large actions to avoid terrorism.

Source: http://bit.ly/1GHQ04m

According to Michael R. Gordon and Eric Schmitt from the Washington Post, the US and Iraq are working together to blast ISIS. “The goal is to break the Islamic State’s occupation in northern and western Iraq, and establish the Iraqi government’s control over Mosul and other population centers, as well as the country’s major roads and its border with Syria by the end of 2015,” say Gordon and Schmitt. In order to make this plan a success, three new Iraqi army divisions of 20,000…

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