Who Is A Terrorist?

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Who is a terrorist? Stop for a moment and think about this, seriously. When I write, “terrorist,” what images come to your mind? A dark-skinned, most likely Brown man of Middle Eastern descent? A Muslim? Do images of thwabs and hijabs come to mind? Do you see angry men screaming violently, “Allah Akbar!”, perhaps burning flags of Western nations? If you see any of these things, it’s not entirely your fault. That’s what we have been trained to think. The media, the fourth branch of government as it is called, has trained and taught us to think of a terrorist in this way. Terrorists in the global imagination of Western constructions are this simple, this identifiable, this obvious.

But is that really true?

I come from a country, Nigeria, that is half-Muslim and half-Christian. I was always taught to think of this as a good…

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