Citrus Cities

In search of a digital unity of ambiance.

The ideas of the situationists have had a big influence on me since the time I first read Society of the Spectacle as a teenager. The incendiary style of Debord’s writing gave a memorable voice to my own vague Marxist musings. The rebelliousness of my youth had always been pseudo-intellectual, directed as it was against corrupt neo-liberalism – the likes of Bush and Blair – rather than the more immediate authority of my parents or teachers. In Society of the Spectacle, those ideas, which I’d never quite been able to articulate myself, appeared lucid. Suddenly there was a coherent narrative which bought many disparate things together in the same view and revealed the mechanism which was responsible for bizarreness and surreal vacuity of the world around me. The experience of reading Guy Debord proved revelatory and opened the door to my…

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