Twitch security breach, Jailbroken iPhone, Unauthorized certificates issued for several Google domains, and more.

Here are some news that you missed about Twitch, iPhone, and Google domains.

Twitch has been breached. That’s the nice way of saying Twitch was hacked, well nothing is nice when your security is broken.

“The team behind the Twitch streaming service is announcing that it has detected an unauthorized access attempt to some account information associated with its users and that it has decided to take the relatively radical measure of forcing all those who are using the site to change the passwords on their accounts in order to make sure that their data is secure.

All accounts have also been disconnected from both Twitter and YouTube and the company is also saying that all those who use their passwords for other accounts should change it everywhere.”

continue reading it here.

Jailbroken iPhones Unlocked with software brute-force tool 14 hours. No hardware device needed, PINs entered every…

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