THE Deepweb tips on being really anonymous (with links) and scams alert!

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Ok so all of you heard about the deep web and its bitcoins and all of their fake markets, the nsa and fbi,c.i.a .fda fcc tcm cartoon network and other monitoring facility can u really be hidden? short answer no if you do something really big they will find you according to

And yes if you are a small fish

1 of my first really good tips its to change your MAC address

2:installing Tor after you changed your Mac address or connect to vpn  like that you can avoid some of the attention drawn

3:get a vpn server this way you cam avoid  unwanted attention from your isp and for others make sure you use L2TP PROTOCOLS

4:Install whonix

whonix by its self can do much but when they pair with it with very good tools like changing ur time zones and area an a lot of…

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