TAU-CHAIN – Programmable decentralized P2P network based on ontologies and reasoning


By Judith Jakubovics- BizDev at the Omni Foundation

Dear Omnis

It’s turning out to be another exciting and productive week! The Omni Foundation is privileged to provide a platform to so many innovative projects.  Omni allows for the issuance of Smart Properties and assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, and we like to share some of the leading projects using the platform and protocol.

Today, I would like to introduce TAU CHAIN



“If law-making is a game, then it is a game in which changing the rules is a move.” – Peter Suber presenting Nomic

Tau-chain is a fully decentralized P2P network being a generalization of many centralized and decentralized P2P networks, including the Blockchain. Its interpretations, uses, and consequences are far from being a P2P network only, and include software development, legal, gaming, mathematics and sciences, logic, crypto-economies, social networks, rule-making, democracy and votes, software repositories (like decentralized Github+Appstore/Google…

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