Talking Violence, Talking Sex

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During my studies, both undergraduate and postgraduate, I developed a keen interest in violence. What began as an interest in domestic violence and intimate partner violence (‘IPV’) would take me on a journey I never imagined I’d tread. My professional life has seen me stay in legal and policy areas pertaining to IPV, FGM, Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation.

I came to the field of IPV from a groundswelling of experience. Having mostly female friends, I was aware that stories of IPV were common, and sexual coercion was rampant. What began as righteous anger on behalf of children who witness IPV and women who are regularly sexually coerced, took me to deep research in to the sex industry. This is an industry I’ve seen more than I’d want to of, and one that has frequently left the bitterest of tastes in my mouth.

With this borne in mind, I…

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