SEX and Pregnancy


SEX and Pregnancy

XNXX – As a sex and relationship advisor, I hear an extensive variety of inquiries, and probably the most widely recognized originate from men who need to experience all the delights of bareback sex without the danger of getting their accomplices pregnant. Case in point, I most as of late got notification from a customer who had been told (by a cousin, it appears) that engaging in sexual relations while remaining up was a “safe” position.

Since there is by all accounts a continuous confidence in the thought of sex positions that can forestall pregnancy, it merits inspecting the truths about this basic myth. At the point when a man discharges, he discharges a little measure of semen – close to a teaspoon or two – however this apparently minor measure of fluid contains anywhere in the range of 200 million to 300 million sperm cells. This…

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