Satan – A Fall of An Angel

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SATAN…used to be an Angel, and an ideal being from Heaven. Following people’s words on depicting him, Satan was once such a wise, and polite being. So what’s going to happen?

His Pride Is Killing Him, Satan Started To Fall

Yes, this is what has been the major reason causing him to fall off the heaven and to be away from God like forever. Not a son of God as an Angel anymore, it’s due to his heart that is lifted so high and leaving him a face of an demon, Satan.

Satan Arousing the Rebel Angels, by William Blake

Right at that moment, Satan was trying to talk the others of the Angelic beings in rebelling to fight against God, and the number of them would reach one third. Right, the battle keeps going on till the presence of Michael, one Archangel made by God, opposed against the Satan and his fellows. The results? Satan…

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