Review: ‘It Follows’ (a throwback with a clever take on corrupting the innocent)

Grim D. Reaper presents

Pat Benetar was right, but what ELSE are you going to use as a weapon?

Jay (Maika Monroe) is a pretty young woman residing in Detroit dating a mysterious new local guy named Hugh (Jake Weary). On the night after they have sex for the first time, Hugh knocks her out, binds her to a chair, and says he’s “helping her.” Something is coming for Jay because she had sex with Hugh, and it will kill her if it can reach her – unless she has sex with someone else to pass the curse along. Here’s the kicker: if she fails to do this before it succeeds, the thing comes back to stalk and kill the one who passed it on. It can look like anyone dead or alive, presumably something disturbing, but it never runs…and it never stops.

Stop worrying about what will happen if you watch forbidden video…

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