Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (the action-packed sci-fi blockbuster you didn’t watch)

Grim D. Reaper presents

Smug Cruise, stupid Cruise, needy Cruise, awesome Cruise.

Cage (Tom Cruise) is a military media liaison covering an alien invasion of Earth and helping to recruit soldiers to the cause…mostly to avoid being shipped off to battle himself. On the eve of a desperate push against enemy forces in central Europe, Cage is told he’s going to be covering the battle – not where he wants to be – and attempts to influence a British General to get out of it. Faster than can you say “Yes, Drill Sargent,” Cage awakens stripped of rank, inducted into a frontline squad, and quickly on a beachhead alongside allied forces getting slaughtered. An instant before she’s killed, he spies a hero of the war named Rita (Emily Blunt) before dying himself in a shower of alien blood…before waking up again stripped of rank and inducted into a frontline squad. Did he dream the…

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