Korean Delicacies


Today I’ve been researching the various delicacies of different countries. For instance, I’d say England would definitely be the good old traditional ‘fish n chips’, especially if you’re from the North as I am. After browsing around, I figured I should post a list of the different and possibly bizarre delicacies in Korea!

  1. Fermented Skate – This may quite possibly be one of the most popular foods in South Korea. To us outsiders though, it’s possibly one of the worst smelling foods you could ever imagine. Skates are fish that in appearance are similar to sting rays and apparently they taste of ammonia, commonly found in urine. Yummy right?
  2. Dakbal Chicken Feet – Maybe not all that surprising as chicken feet are common in some Asian countries to us Westerners who have never given it much thought before it could seem like a pretty daunting process!
  3. Cheonggukjang – Commonly known…

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