K2BlackPearl SQL Rows of Data to Slots of Work


I’ve previously been banging my head against a wall trying to understand the way BlackPearl ‘does work’ when dealing with rows of data from a source like SQL. An elegant solution was explained to me via the K2 Remote Mentoring service (which has saved me no end of bruised foreheads and elevated blood pressure). The theory is that for each row returned a slot is created which is then available in an activity for instances to work on. – You wont find this method in the manual, so I’m keeping it here to serve as a reminder for future projects…

Set up an Activity Slot in advanced mode:

The next section allows you to create a plan on a number of slots for the rest of the activity to run on:


Then use the option to create slots based on a list field:


This in my instance is a Smart Object for…

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