Is America Overreacting about ISIS?


After the events of 9/11, the United States has taken terrorism very seriously. 9/11 was unlike any terrorist attack the country had seen before, leading the government to take large precautions in avoiding its recurrence. Some argue that these precautions have gone too far, especially in the case of ISIS.


An article by Zack Beauchamp from dissects the dangers of overreacting about ISIS. He claims that the media is largely to blame for scaring everyone into believing that the US could be at risk.

“That same poll also reported the highest number of Americans ever saying the country was less safe now than it was before 9/11. A full 47 percent said we’re less safe — a 19-point jump from last year’s number,” said Beauchamp.

The statistics are startling, and the media could certainly be to blame, but Beauchamp thinks that politicians are also at fault. Beauchamp…

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