Heavy blasts outside Yemen’s capital, attack on Scud missile storage feared

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Pillars of fire are rising over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, according to dramatic images flooding social media, amid reports that a Scud missile facility on Faj Attan Hill, just outside the city, has fallen under a new attack.

SCUD facility overlooking #Sanaa is in fire since more than 45mins after bombing it.. #Yemen#OpDecisiveStorm#Saudi

The reports have not yet been confirmed. It is also not immediately clear whether the coalition’s airstrikes are the direct cause of the blast.

People living in the neighborhood of Faj Attan mount report continuous explosions. They are terrified. Increased panic in #Sanaa. #Yemen


The warehouses already came under fire both the previous night and the day before that. The base reportedly stores a large portion of Yemen’s R-17 Elbrus (Scud-B) missiles and Transporter Erector Launchers (TEL).


The Saudi-led coalition of several Gulf States, Sudan, Egypt and Morocco has been bombing…

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