Don’t Fuck With My Love.. That Heart Is So Cold

Sary Charles

Right now all I’m thinking is: What else is wrong with me? Is there anything right?

Yesterday I got a letter from ”Västragötalands regionen”, that part of sweden I live, this generally means it’s a letter from the insurance company, health care or whatever. Nowadays we don’t get a lot of papers sent home, so you get a lillte surpirsed every time. Anyways, I opened it and I read: Your smear-test result shows some cell changes.

Exactly what I needed to hear right now in my life. It said it’s more likely from a STD virus called HPV, it’s the most common STD apparently, about 90% of all people in the world gets it at least once. It could cause cervical cancer if not found in time, yet they almost NEVER test for it(!?) I had no signs and would have never known if it wasn’t for the cell changes…

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