“Bereshith”: By Way of an Introduction

78 Revelations Per Minute

Just what the world needs . . . another Tarot blog (zzzzzz).

If you’d suggested to me that I’d be involved in such an enterprise a few years ago, I’d have reacted in similar fashion. Yet here I am launching this Website, devoted as it is to the study of the venerated 78-chapter gospel of living that provides us with a roadmap to spiritual self-realization. Why so now?

I’m a professional writer by trade, most of my work having been done in the fields of marketing and advertising in the corporate sector. In my spare time, I’ve studied the Tarot, and its sizable literary canon, for the better part of four decades, and have acquired (in my opinion only; you, the reader, will pass final judgment) a fair deal of knowledge about the cards, their origins, their so-called “divinatory” meanings, and their associations and correlations to the various schools of…

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