6-Point Plan to Defeat ISIS in the Propaganda War

Ian Bach

Below is a Great Article refereed to me by The Anthropologist

But first my thoughts on this
There is some online differences between al Qaeda and ISIS. They still operate in Cells. The leader of the Cells run the Cell and communicate with whoever runs those specific Cells. a cell in Al Qaeda would focus on one thing like Martyrs or recruiting. ISIS does use the cell structure but their aims are more broad and they don’t focus on just one topic (i.e. recruit, hail martyrs, hail Ops, etc.)  Number 6 on their list of how to counter ISIS and their online machine is the one I know we can do. In Australia they have sedition laws so it is much easier to prosecute people and get them the help they need to show them ISIS is a fraud and a shame and full of false profits eager to send…

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